Frequently asked questions

  1. Do you help international and overseas students?

The custom writing service understands that foreign students can feel the lack of English-speaking fluency. It can prevent them from the writing of the really perfect papers. We know what difficulties and frustrations they can experience. So, we take the orders from the international and overseas students on a daily basis. Our company wants you to achieve only highest grades, which your academic writing really merits.

  1. How can I calculate the cost of my order?

In order to find out the price of your order, you should use the Price Calculator on our website, which is very easy to use. Your price will depend on the type of your writing assignment, its size, deadline and your individual requirements.

  1. Are there any hidden charges I should know about?

Our custom writing service can make you sure, that we do not cheat our customers and do not make them pay any additional costs. You pay only the quoted price. There are no hidden charges.

  1.  If my academic writing assignment is already accomplished, can you help me to improve it?

Of course, our premium custom writing service provides such special services as academic editing and proofreading in order to make your paper better, without any mistakes.


  1. How can I be assured, that I will get my work after the payment?

You can be definitely sure, that is a fully legitimate custom writing service, which has no reason to defraud people. In such cases, our company will be simply closed down. You will definitely receive your paper without any delays. You can read the testimonials of our clients to make sure, that we are trustworthy.

  1. How can I be sure, that all my personal information during the payment is secure?

You can be totally sure that all your personal information during the payment of your order is protected. Our writing service keeps all your banking and personal details as secure as possible.

  1. Can my paper ever be published or resold?

The premium custom writing service can assure you, that after the accomplishment of your order, you are the only owner of your paper. Only you have the right to use it as you want. We don`t have the right to resell, publish or reuse your text. We are confident, that you won`t find any part of your paper on any websites.

  1. A lot of people tell me, that such custom writing services like yours encourage defrauding. How can you respond?

It can be a very challenging task for modern students to set their thoughts and ideas down on the paper and give them the proper structure and logical sequence. Our custom service is dedicated to help students with their difficult writing assignments, to teach them the art of the proper academic writing. We do not have the reason to spoil our reputation and cheat students who really need our help. Our direct vocation is to show our respect and passion for academic writings.